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About Us

Unite New York is a coordinated care network of health and social care providers. Partners in the network are connected through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, which enables them to send and receive electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve health across communities. Unite New York is sponsored by a variety of funding partners currently led by Adirondack Health InstituteAlliance for Better HealthAIRnycCatholic Family CenterCentral New York Care Collaborative, and Public Health Solutions.

Community Roots

Unite New York brings together local community networks from across the state. These regional networks include Healthy Together, ADK Wellness Connections, Unite NYC, CNYCares Referral Network, and the 360 Collaborative.

Healthy Together

Healthy Together, sponsored by Alliance for Better Health (Alliance), improves the health of our communities by connecting health providers of all kinds – medical, social, and behavioral – across Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady counties. Working together in the best interest of the individuals we are serving, Alliance operates a trusted, centralized referral coordination center – encouraging Healthy Together partners and community members to reach out for help with life challenges, like finding healthy food and a safe place to live. Healthy Together empowers Alliance to cultivate strong and meaningful community partnerships built upon a shared belief that no individual should fall through the cracks.

ADK Wellness Connections

The ADK Wellness Connections network, sponsored by Adirondack Health Institute, launched in October 2018 and covers a 9-county region (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington counties). There are three Coordination Centers across the network divided up by geographic service area, and each Coordination Center is able to receive Assistance Requests from individuals in need from the ADK Wellness Connections website.

Unite NYC

Unite NYC is a coordinated care network of health and social care providers that is launching on April 14th and sponsored by funding partners currently led by Public Health Solutions and AIRnyc. In 2018, our work with Public Health Solutions began as a small food security grant-based pilot (FNS Bundle) in the Bronx. The current city-wide expansion is part of a rapid response to COVID-19.

CNYCares Referral Network

The CNYCares Referral Network is a coordinated care network of health, community-based and social service providers working together to build healthier communities by addressing social determinants of health. This network is led by the Central New York Care Collaborative.

The 360 Collaborative

The 360 Collaborative network, sponsored by Catholic Family Center, launched in April 2018. The collaborative has grown through mergers with Your Health Partners of the Finger Lakes, LLC Behavioral Health Community Collaborative, IVMF, HHUNY (Health Homes of Upstate NY), and the RMAPI Adult Mentoring program. In 2019, the NYServes Upstate network, that provides programs and services for veterans and military families, joined the network with support from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families.


“We can’t address social determinants of health unless we commit to collaborate. Individuals have needs that can’t be addressed by one person or one organization. A coordinated network that binds the community to create civic value is the only way this can be done. Our network responds to, rather than dictates, community needs by providing services that focus on improving the health of underserved members of our community.” – Jacob Reider, MD, CEO of Alliance for Better Health

Resources for Partners

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